An animal control spokesperson says a control officer arrived on scene and was conducting an investigation, but because the officer needed more time to investigate, the dog was left in the neighborhood near Pecos and Zuni.

Rachel Archuleta says her 9-year-old daughter, Jaida Baca, was going door-to-door selling chocolate bars with her sister for a school fundraiser. The girl says she went to a house across the street to ask if they wanted to buy some candy. When the woman opened up the door, the little girl says the dog jumped on her and bit her.

"He had bitten my foot on their yard, and we started running," Jaida said. "I was scared. The lady had caught up to the dog and grabbed him, but he caught up to me and bit me again."

An ambulance and an animal control officer arrived on the scene. Jaida was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries. Jaida's mom says her daughter was even more scared because the dog stayed in the neighborhood hours after the incident.

"I think they should have taken it right away," Archuleta said. "As a dog owner you should know how important it is to tame your dog, especially if it's an aggressive. There's no excuse."

The Adams County Animal Control says the dog was seized Tuesday afternoon. The County hasn't made a decision on whether its owner will face charges. The owner says his dog is friendly and what happened was an accident.