Andrea Wine's The ONE Stemware
The ONE is an innovative wine glass that out performs grape-specific stems as it is shaped perfectly to bring out the best characteristics of all wines.Typically, stemware companies prescribe a different stem for each varietal, but with The ONE stemware, only one glass for red and one for white is necessary.
$49.95 for a four-pack of stems
$29.95 for a two-pack of stems

Anelectronic lost and found system thatcombines the use of mobile phones, QR codes and apps to fill the everyday need of recovering valuable lost items. FinderCodes kits contain stickers, iron-ons and durable tags, each with a unique QR code, that can be attached to virtually any surface. Finders of lost items can scan the code or use to alert the owner and enable a quick, secure and hassle-free return of lost valuables.

Where team colors with these one-of-a-kind trims. Every trim from BootDazzles is uniquely designed and made with a delicately beaded pattern, guinea hen feathers or ostrich feathers and stunning hand-made finishing touches. The bold team colors and embellished designs add instant style to any pair of boots, cowboy boots or booties, and are adjustable and allow women to have a snug or loose fit on their boots. They can be easily taken on or off.$35-45.


The "Gamemaxx" controller weighs eight pounds and offers a neck strap and a hydration/misting system that keeps you hydrated and cool for hours of gaming.

Pet Petter

The "Pet Petter" is an automatic petting device that has 4 different speeds for all types of hair lengths, is rechargeable for hotel use and includes 6 de-flea pads.


"Blankeez" is a special blanket that covers up to eight people. With one sleeve at each end, two users can run a remote, feed snacks to others, or hold a leash while walking the dog on the boardwalk.