Mary Beth Loeb, a financial business manager for the school, faces charges including prohibited use of weapons and unlawful conduct on public property.

On Nov. 9, police records indicate Loeb had reported a suspicious person following her. When police investigated the report, no one was found. After the incident, Loeb told her coworkers and mentioned a concealed weapon she was carrying.

According to the police record, Loeb showed her coworkers the gun. Loeb, who had a concealed-weapons permit, took apart the gun in an attempt to make it safer for her coworkers to see. When she went to reassemble the gun, it appeared to be jammed.

As Loeb attempted to fix the jam, the gun accidentally went off. The bullet struck a metal panel, ricocheted and hit one of her coworkers in the leg. The women sustained a minor injury to her left calf, and Loeb suffered a small laceration on her hand.

According to Doug Abraham, chief of police of the Anschutz Medical Campus, Loeb no longer works at the university.

The University of Colorado for many years enforced a ban on all weapons on its campuses, but in March 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court struck down the university's gun ban - which means visitors and staff members with a valid concealed carry permit are allowed to have guns on campus.