"They are a wonderful support to us," Valerie Pollitt, principal at Fletcher Miller, said. "Our friends are these police officers who come into our building and our kids recognize those shinny badges that they wear."

Because of that friendship the students, teachers and staff at Fletcher Miller decided to pay tribute to fallen Lakewood Police officer James Davies. Davies was killed in the line of duty on Nov. 9. He was accidently shot and killed by another police officer as they were surrounding the home of a suspect.

The funeral procession for Officer Davies traveled past the front of Fletcher Miller School. The line of police cars in the procession stretched for miles.

As it passed the school the students, many in wheelchairs, held blue ribbons and waved to the police officers. For the students it was an opportunity to learn a lesson outside of the classroom.

"The sense of community; the sense of support; the sense of pride that they are part of this community," Beth Tutor, a teacher at Fletcher Miller, said.