"I ask you to go out and tell the stories of what made James [Davies] great," Agent Jonathan Alesch said. "James gave us everything. We must give him the same."

Davies' wife of 13 years and his two children were in the front row as fellow officers recalled the native of England as a prankster who was as dedicated to his job as anyone on the force.

"When the rest of us would celebrate July Fourth as Independence Day he would remind us that it's actually traitor's day," recalled Detective Christopher Loveall with a grin.

During their time at the police academy, Reese Ervin told the audience that his English wit became part of his lure.

"One of the recruits made a comment to him about him marrying an American woman to which he shot back, 'She came to England to find a husband because none of you American blokes knew how to impress her,'" he said.

Davies met his wife when the two were still in their 20s and she was living in England as part of a study abroad program.

The two were married in England in 1999 and after months of struggling to overcome immigration issues, James Davies moved to Colorado to be with his wife.

"His family was kind of the shelter in the storm for him," Agent Timothy Jacobson said. "I hope I can be half of the father he was."

Davies had a habit of calling criminals "dirties," and was heralded for starting the department's first sex offender unit. The unit will start next year.

"The Bible says as iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another. That's what James did. He sharpened the people around him. He made them all better," Agent Justin Mains said.

There was no mention of the police officer who mistakenly shot Davies last week. The Lakewood Police Chief told the crowd this remains a nightmarish situation.