"Izzie was kept on a string outside of the hunter's house for three or four days with no water or food until the Belize Forest Department confiscated her ,"said Molly Reeve, a CSU graduate working as a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation intern with the nonprofit group Wildtracks. In Belize, it is illegal to own a monkey or any wildlife as a pet.

Izzie was taken to the Wildtracks animal rehabilitation center with a broken arm, dislocated tail, shattered finger and systemic infection.

"We do not have the pins, screws, plates or drills to perform the necessary surgery or a vet with orthopedic experience," Reeve said. Wildtracks hopes a surgeon or someone with the proper resources can help them save Izzie.

Considering her limitations with the cumbersome full-body cast, she is an incredibly well-tempered baby.

"She is generally a happy girl, she loves [her] banana and apple. She drinks Enfamil formula, and chirps and whistles every time we walk by," Reeve said. "She plays with my iPhone camera and can change the screen by licking it."

Wildtracks is working to introduce Izzie to other spider monkey in the program. From there she would be able to one day return to the wild.

"Her prognosis is fairly grim, however we have not given up hope," said Reeve."Mostly we need a hospital/vet clinic or surgeon to help us decide what the best route of treatment is and then we will have a better idea of the cost and expenses for surgery and long term treatments. But either way, we have to build her a specialized rehab cage which we need immediate funding to do so."

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