This week on 9NEWS we featured Starting Over stories of local Denver residents who have gone through a life transformation,be it a layoff, a divorce, or a change of heart.All the people we profiled agreed ona fewthings; most notably, that the decision to start a business is filled with difficult decisions, financing questions and the need for advice.

Luckily, we have a resource here in Denver that can help you out with all of the questions that come along with entrepreneurship. SCORE is a program for entrepreneurs seeking advice about how to start a new business or improve an existing one. SCORE boasts more than eighty volunteers who are usually retired entrepreneurs or executives withyears ofexperience that are waiting and willing to help you answer questions about new business planning and financing.

Free mentoring and "cost-effective" seminars are someof the offerings of SCORE. According to, some of the help they provideincludes:

(1) developing or improving your business plan

(2) securing financing or

(3) improving your marketingand selling skills as well asmany more areas of specialization

This morning on 9NEWS at 7 a.m., we held Starting Over Line 9 and dozens of viewers called in to ask their business questions of the group of experienced volunteers.

To contact SCORE, call 303-844-3985 or email