In an interview with 9NEWS intern Nathan Chisholm, Daniels talked about the concert, and where the idea came from.

"It was not actually my idea. It started with the guys [who] drive the music artists here in Nashville. They started a long time ago going into some underprivileged neighborhoods, getting some underprivileged kids and taking them to a big retail outlet, giving them some money and letting them go and shop and get whatever they want to," he said. "Then the community got involved and now we do a concert to raise more money to be able to help more kids. It's a yearly event. We call it 'Christmas4Kids' and we do it at the Ryman Auditorium every year."

Daniels says the concert has a special meaning for him.

"Well it's always a special night. Everybody knows what it's about [and] what it's for. Everybody is in the spirit. It sells out every year and the people who come in have a good time, the people on stage have a good time. When we get through, we feel like we've accomplished something good," Daniels said.

He also talked about his upcoming Christmas album "Hallelujah" and how it compares to his past albums.

"This is actually a compilation album. We've done three Christmas albums over the years. The first one was an album of original songs. The second was mostly standards like 'White Christmas', 'Blue Christmas' and 'I'll be home for Christmas' and some of the gospel songs. The third one was a blue-grass Christmas album. So we kind of did a combination of songs from all three albums and I also do 'St. Luke's version of the Christmas story' and a [fiction story] that I wrote called 'Caroline Christmas Carol'," Daniels said.

Daniels also talked about where the album can be purchased and how much it costs.

"The name of the album is 'Hallelujah it's Christmas time again' and in your area it is available exclusively at 'Old Country Buffet'. It's $8.99 and the proceeds go to help the 'Armed Services YMCA'. So it's a good package at a good cost.

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