"It really makes a big difference to, I would say, 90 percent of the business up here," said Forster.

With ski resorts hurting for natural snowfall, Forster worries that people from Denver and tourists from out-of-state will stay away from the Colorado ski resorts, especially after last year's sub -par snow totals.

"I think if we have another poor year, it's really going to affect us pretty harshly up here," said Forster, who's lived in Summit County for more than 20 years.

But, Laura Parquette is confident winter will be just fine. Parquette is the senior communications manager at the Keystone Resort.

"You know, we're going to keep opening terrain. We're only three weeks into the season. It's the earliest Thanksgiving can be so, we're feeling really good and people are just having a great time out here," said Parquette.

Parquette says perception can be issue. She says while some people feel there is no snow in the mountains, with advanced snowmaking systems, Keystone has about 200 skiable acres open right now.

"We're seeing the cold temperatures. We're seeing the snowmaking ability," said Parquette. "The guests are already coming. We have a lot of people booked throughout the season."

Forster hopes the resort bookings will help nearby businesses like the Dam Brewery. But, when it comes to snow pack, he worries about more than just the ski season. He worries about water levels in the Dillon Reservoir.

"If we don't start getting some snow, we're not gonna have a rafting season and we're not gonna have much for a fishing season," said Forster. "It feeds the whole season around here."
That's for both Forster and Parquette, there's hope - hope that eventually Mother Nature will cooperate.

"There's a lot of winter to come," said Parquette.

Forster just wants things to return to normal. Otherwise, he fears people from out-of-state will book their trips elsewhere like Utah or California.

"I mean right now if we had an average (snowfall) year, I think Summit (County residents) would be very happy," said Forster.