Poudre Fire Authority and Fort Collins police, including SWAT personnel and a K-9 unit with dog Trigger, are staging at the intersection of Grand Teton Place and Yellowstone Circle in the Woodland Park Estates subdivision, near the intersection of Harmony and Ziegler roads.

According to police radio traffic, police are focused on a male inside one of the houses and there is concern over the amount of gas in the house. Utilities have been shut off to the area. An officer with Fort Collins Police told the Coloradoan, "If something happens, you don't want to be close."

Passers-by have been told to expect at least a two-hour delay before being allowed back into the area.

Police have not told the Coloradoan what initiated the lockdown. A press information officer is not on scene at this time. Neighbors tell the Coloradoan that police informed them of a gas leak.

Kristen Mastre, a witness who lives in the area, told the Coloradoan that the police cut power to the area and lined the streets with "cops with guns." Two officers aimed guns at her neighbor's house.

"They were on megaphones yelling," she said. "I was yelling at the kids to get away from the windows."

Mastre said she and her neighbors were told to evacuate the area immediately.

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