"What the suspect seems to be doing is he goes in, he wakes up the victim and proceeds to sexually assault them," Aurora Police Spokesperson Frank Fania said.

Police believe the three separate incidents were committed by the same man because of the similar circumstances surrounding the cases.

"He could be a peeping tom and doing his own surveillance on these women. We don't know. But, he's either going in knowing there aren't other people or he just doesn't care," Fania said.

Police say the man broke into the homes in the early morning hours, sometime between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. The first incident happened Thanksgiving Day. The latest attack happened Friday morning.

All three incidents took place within one block of each other, near the intersection of South Chambers Road and East Ohio Avenue.

"He was somehow able to open the sliding glass door [at one of the homes] and get in that way," Fania said.

The man told his victims he had a weapon. All three female adult victims were sleeping prior to being assaulted.

Aurora police went door-to-door Friday letting people in the area know what was going on. Officers passed out flyers that detailed what has been occurring over the last week.

Several neighbors say they are uneasy and will make sure their windows and doors are secured.

Police have very little information about the suspect.