Chris Krumm, 25, the son of victim James Krumm, 56,allegedly came into his father's classroom at 9:06 a.m. and fired anarrow from a compound bow used for hunting, striking the professor in the head.

Although mortally wounded, Walsh says James Krumm got up andcontinued to fight his attacker, who then came at him with a knife. During this time some students were able to leave the classroom.

"The courage demonstrated by Professor Krumm is absolutely without equal," Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said.

Chris Krumm then tried to kill himself, Walsh says. Police found him alive initially, but he died from his wounds a short time later.

The other victim, identified as Heidi Arnold, 42, was found in a street about 2 miles away. Arnold was James Krumm's live-in girlfriend.

Police say Chris Krumm, who lived in Connecticut, came to Casper on Nov. 29 and checked into a motel. It is unclear if the victims knew he was in town.

It appears he came with the intention to carry out the attack, according to Walsh.

In total, 33 officers responded to the incident.

The attacks remain under investigation.