The number is not quite out of the ordinary, but one burglary got 9NEWS' attention after a news tip.

The burglary happened at Grace Point Community Church at90 E. Orchard Rd. in Littleton.

Pastor Fred Lian says someone broke into the church's office, Wednesday, and stole multiple items including his Dell Dimension 5150 desktop computer.

On that computer, Lian had saved 600 written sermons, dozens of bible studies, family pictures, and other teachings. He's served as the church's pastor since 1986.

There are CD copies and paper copies of the sermons, but the pastor did not have the sermons backed up on another hard drive.

"It's one of those lessons I've heard other people say, and I had to learn it the hard way," Lian said.

Wednesday, he said someone broke in through a window in the church office basement. The office is located in a separate building adjacent to the church.

When he arrived, he noticed someone broke into his office, stole the youth pastor's camera, the church secretary's hard drive, and scattered papers and books all around his office.

"I went to turn on my computer and there was no computer, no monitor," he said. "Someone came in and violated not only my personal property, but my personal memories and my heart."

There is still hope, that whoever might have broken in might see what's on the computer.

"If they access the sermons, that they would learn about God's love and grace," he said.

Pastor Lian also says has granted to the thieves forgiveness, because of God's forgiveness he's received and has preached about on so many Sundays.

"What's ultimate in my life wasn't that computer, but my relationship with my creator," Lian said.

If you have any information on the stolen Dell 5150 computer, or any other items stolen from the church, you're asked to call Littleton Police at 303-794-1551.