"Mr. Vogel was known because everyone always knew his smiling face. Everyone loved him," said Gaby Conner, senior. "It was a huge shock."

Gaby Conner and Rachel Jackson led a group of students in the creation of The Original Chaparral Cookbook. It is a collection of more than 160 recipes from staff and parents at Chaparral.

"It is a great way to raise money for his family and then also all the staff gets to be involved with the project," said Jackson, senior.

Vogel left behind his wife and four young children. Students are selling the cookbooks for $15 each with the proceeds going towards the Vogel Children Education Trust Fund.

"My first reaction was what can I do?" said Jenny Lerfald, business and marketing teacher at Chaparral.

Lerfald helped students put together this project with hopes of raising several thousand dollars for the Vogel family. Lerfald says this is a way that the community can work together to help.

"To me, cooking is such an act of love," said Lerfald. "People feel very connected to their recipes and then it's a way to connect to one another."

Conner says when she went around asking teachers for a recipe to contribute, she felt like they were giving a part of themselves to the book.

"I like people wanted to invest their most prized recipes because they knew it was going to something great," said Conner.

Students started selling the book less than a week ago and they've already sold more than 160 copies. If you want to purchase a book, you can send an email to

Conner hopes that Vogel's children can appreciate the efforts put together by students at his school when it is their time to go to college.

"I hope that they know in 15 years that their father made a huge difference in everyone's lives - that people loved him," said Conner.