She then forgot she had placed the boy in the room, left school for the day and left the boy in the dark room.

"You know just think about that. A 5-year-old boy," said the boy's father James Cagle

Talking about what happened to his son Tanner brings Cagle to tears.

"He's scared, he's crying, he's in the dark, he can't get out. He had urinated on himself. So you think about it, sitting in there having to go potty," Cagle said.

Cagle says when his son Tanner didn't come home from morning kindergarten, he and his wife panicked. They called the bus company, went to the school. It was there in this room that mom and a secretary found him in the dark.

"I can understand why the parents would be upset about this. I would be upset about this," said Tim Rosandick, the Caldwell School Superintendent

Rosandick says the teacher placed Tanner in the room - for reasons not told - at the end of morning kindergarten while she gathered the rest of the students together for their bus rides home.

"What is very regrettable and the teacher certainly feels awful about this, is the fact that the child was left in there and was essentially... she had forgotten that she had placed the child in that room," Rosandick said.

Cagle says his son was left in the room for at least an hour and a-half.

The superintendent says the room is used by aides for educational purposes. The emotionally-impaired classroom also uses it for pre-approved student management -- when a child becomes violent toward himself or others. Rosandick says it is not to be used for discipline by traditional kindergarten teachers.