Platte Valley High School's Trey Johnson did all of that in the first half of the game. During the second half, he was flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital Colorado.

On Oct. 12, Trey Johnson went into a drug induced coma for 12 days.

"He didn't speak. He didn't squeeze our hands. There was nothing," his mom Marilyn Johnson recalled.

For days, his parents could only look at the monitors and watch him breathe.

When Trey finally opened his eyes, his recovery began. He's learning to speak, write, stand, walk and toss a ball again. His parents spend their days and nights at the hospital. Trey's teammates come to visit several times a week.

In the small town of Kersey, everyone knows what happened to Trey. The team has a motto "Play for Trey." The parents and many residents wear t-shirts that proclaim "Pray for Trey."

"We're going to pray this kid to health. And we have not stopped doing that and every day he gets better," head coach Troy Hoffman said.

Mike and Marilyn Johnson give Trey's teammates the credit for saving their son's life.

They said the kids recognized that something wasn't right, and they sent him off the field.

The coaches and trainer took his helmet away and a few minutes later Marilyn was called over.

Coincidently, Marilyn is the school district nurse who offers concussion training to coaches, parents and teachers. She knew instantly Trey had suffered a concussion. He told her about the pain on the top of his head and within seconds lost consciousness.

The Platte Valley Broncos played their way to the 2-A state championship. They lost to Kent Denver. While the season is over, the team and the people of Kersey continue to pray for Trey and he continues to heal.

The recovery is not only slow and difficult, it is unpredictable. Mike Johnson believes in his son.

"I have this faith, and I just don't know what it is, but I know he's coming back," he said.