That's why the Colorado Department of Transportation is continually looking for ways to ease skier traffic on I-70.

Saturday, they tested out a new way of "metering" at the Eisenhower Tunnel, an area prone to major congestion.

Some may remember last year's I-70 metering where CDOT stopped all vehicles for 20 minutes to allow the tunnel to completely clear before letting more through.

This new metering method is designed to keep more cars moving.

"The thought process we had was that if we ran this more as a continued flow and we kept traffic moving more at a slower rate, that would allow the traffic to be processed on the other side of the tunnel safely and we could keep it running and not have that traffic backup and completely stopped situation," Clark Roberts, Traffic Engineer with CDOT, said.

Saturday around 1 p.m., CDOT stopped traffic just before the tunnel on the westbound side. A row of lights were installed which will alternate four lanes of traffic, two at time, much like some of the freeway entrance ramps have during rush hour times.

They tested this new metering out Saturday at a lighter traffic time just to get a feel of how well it could work.

If you were a part of the new test and want to voice your opinion about it, go to and click on the Continuous Flow Metering link on the home page.