Robert and Arlene Holmes sat a few rows behind their son, who appeared in court with longer hair and a beard. The Holmes family kept to themselves as they looked upon their son, who remained expressionless and still throughout Monday's hearing.

Aurora police, CU Denver police and FBI agents took turns on the witness stand to answer questions about what they knew about the package Holmes sent to his psychiatrist.

A package addressed from James Holmes to psychiatrist Dr. Lynne Fenton was found in the University of Colorado Anschutz Campus mailroom three days after the shooting. It was revealed in court Dr. Fenton received a call from the public defender's office indicating a package was sent to her by Holmes and that he wanted it back.

Thirteen law enforcement officers who either handled the package or saw it answered "no" when they were asked by defense attorneys if they spoke to media about the package and its contents.

Some officers who testified described the package as a white bubble envelope that contained a brown, spiral notebook. The package also contained burned US currency, according to testimony by several of the officers, including an Adams County bomb squad deputy who was the first to open the envelope.

"There were burnt edges on the currency," Deputy Denzel Lukens said. "I saw ash at the bottom of the package."

CU Denver Chief of Police Doug Abraham admitted in court he made a mistake handling the package without gloves.

"Because I was careless," Chief Abraham responded when a defense attorney asked why Abraham didn't use gloves.

Detective Alton Reed with the Aurora Police Department admitted in court he "leafed through it" so he could separate the burned currency from the notebook.

All officers who testified denied having concrete knowledge of what was written in the notebook. Some officers said they saw words and letters written on pages, but could not grasp exactly what the notebook contained.

Holmes' defense attorneys are asking the court to sanction the law enforcement officer who leaked information about the package to the press, but so far that law enforcement officer hasn't been identified.

Holmes' defense attorneys plan to seek a subpoena to try and force a FOX news reporter based in New York to testify about who may have leaked information about the package. The issue of a journalist's privilege was raised in court.

The quest to try and find the source of media leaks will resume in February.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors indicated they are ready to move forward with a preliminary hearing set for January 7, 2013.

The suspect's parents declined to comment as they left the courtroom.

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