Tanya Abbey, a single mother, says she and her family won't be home for Christmas after her teenage son got caught shoplifting a pair of shoes because his shoes were worn out and his feet were cold.

(The apartment complex now says that won't happen. See statement at the end of this article).

Coleen Simpson,manager of Garden Village apartments, tells KJCT-TVthat any criminal activity on or near the property is grounds for immediate eviction. But Tuesday, she said that a minor shoplifting charge does not usually mean eviction.

"There's no way we would evict anyone on a minor shoplifting crime," she told 9NEWS.

She said there is more to the story but could not go into details, citing privacy concerns.

According to records pulled by 9NEWS, Tanya Abbey does have a criminal history.

In February of 2007, she was arrested for vehicle theft and driving under the influence. In 2003, she was found guilty of third-degree assault.

The mother and her three children are hoping they can find room at the Homeward Bound homeless shelter by Christmas.

The apartment issued this statement about the story:

On behalf of Housing Resources of Western Colorado, a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing, please see the following statement regarding the Garden Village Apartments story.

"With regard to the news story about the situation of the tenant at Garden Village Apartments and her family which aired on Friday December 7, 2012, I am a representative for the landlord Housing Resources of Western Colorado. Tenancies at Garden Village Apartments are subject to federal Department of Housing and Urban Development rules and regulations, which require strict compliance with certain federal, state and local laws. The story which was aired does not include all of the facts pertaining to the situation, to protect all our tenants' privacy we are unable to comment further on this matter. Nevertheless, I can unequivocally state that under no circumstances will any tenant at this project be required to vacate prior to or during the upcoming holidays."

- Dan Whalen, Executive Director, Housing Resources of Western Colorado