Six bars are going live with ID scanners that will photograph and record every patron entering, allowing staff to note whether they caused any trouble and have been ejected. The networked system of scanners and computers permits the linked bars to know if a patron has been "flagged" by another bar for unruly behavior. Then, staff at other bars can decide whether to let them in or not.

The idea is to keep troublemakers from moving from bar to bar and then into Old Town Square late at night.

"A lot of energy went into making sure that a group of big late-night venues came online at once," said Dawn Nannini with TEAM Fort Collins, which helped acquire the scanners. "Their interest is in protecting their customers."

The system links the photographs to patrons' names, also giving bars a record of their efforts to ensure only people of legal drinking age are entering. The system doesn't record other information, such as a home address or date or birth. It won't be routinely accessible to anyone but bar staff, and then for only 24 hours. However, anyone who gets flagged will keep being flagged until the bar staff removes it from the system.

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