All of them live at the Reserve at Thornton. On Monday, a sprinkler popped open after chilly weather forced it to burst.

"When I got here it was just full of water. [There was] an inch of water in my bathroom," Antoinette Moreno said.

Moreno lives in apartment 832. Her apartment suffered the most damage.

"There's water damage everywhere," she said.

Moreno and other residents are furious with the management at their complex. They were hoping the complex would assist them and help find them a place to stay until the damage is cleaned up.

"I think I've only been late with my rent one time in 8 years, and they couldn't even help me out. They said because I have no renters insurance there's pretty much nothing they can do," Moreno said.

Most of the people affected didn't have renters insurance. It's that reason, the complex said, that they can't help the renters out. Plus, they said, there are no available units.

"They told us we can move back on Friday after they fix all of it. I don't think you can move back in with your ceiling like that," Moreno said.

Three of the apartments are considered condemned. The city will have to decide if they're worthy of being lived in again.

Some of the residents are staying with family and friends. The city of Thornton offered to put them up in hotels for a night, but everyone declined. The Red Cross also offered shelter.