They say Jack Graham is running afoul of the university's travel policies as he's wooing big donors.

9 Wants to Know obtained CSU travel vouchers showing that Graham did not file required financial reports prior to taking trips to athletic events on private jets.
University travel records show Graham made at least six trips, including a new stadium feasibility trip to the University of Minnesota and Stanford University.
The charter plane alone cost $37,000 for the feasibility trip.

"Could you travel cheaper than that?" said Bob Vangermeersch, a member of Save Our Stadium Hughes. "Boy, I sure could. That seems like an over the top amount of spending."

Vangermeesch's group, which is opposed to the on campus stadium proposal, requested public records relating to Graham's travel back in October. They focused on problems with pre-trip travel vouchers.

"They are dated well after the trip," he said. "The people who signed to approve them did not date them. It's just a mess."

Athletic Director Jack Graham is a one-time Rams quarterback who became a millionaire businessman. Last December, he took the helm of the athletics department with an aggressive game plan to raise money for a $300 million football stadium on the CSU campus.

CSU Alumnus Tyler Shannon is a season ticket holder who supports Graham's efforts.

"Now it's kind of a new vision of move forward go bigger be bolder," he said."That's what we've been waiting for a long time."

Employees are supposed to turn in vouchers to get pre approval from financial account supervisors before they leave town. University officials now acknowledge that Graham failed to do this correctly.

In a written statement to 9NEWS, Graham said, "Because of the volume of work to be done, and in order to maximize my effectiveness, I have elected to travel privately in most cases."

He contends he always intended to pay for the charter flights.

The university confirms Graham personally paid for the majority of his $160,000 in travel documented this year. Some of the travel was funded by private donations.
CSU says just over one thousand dollars was public money, and no public money was misspent due to the paperwork errors.

"Jack didn't start as an athletic director," Shannon said. "He started as a business person and there are some little things that he's going to have to learn along the way."

Vangermeesch believes the Colorado State's efforts to woo financial donors have bent the rules already. He questions whether the benefits of an on-campus stadium will be worth the expense.

"They are making a gross financial mistake by trying to build a third of a billion dollar stadium on campus," he said.

"Working with high-end donors isn't something that most of us do on a daily basis, but the pay-off for the university can be significant in these instances," a CSU spokesman told 9NEWS. He added that the university will be putting in place additional processes and providing additional training to ensure that the athletics department fully complies with all policies and procedures with regard to travel.

This is Athletic Director Jack Graham's full statement:

"During my first year as Director of Athletics at Colorado State University, I have traveled extensively to conduct the business of our department-supporting our student-athletes in competition, atten2ding meetings and cultivating relationships with potential donors. Because of the volume of work to be done, and in order to maximize my effectiveness, I have elected to travel privately in most cases. Knowing that it would not be appropriate to use state funds to pay for this mode of travel, I fully intended to pay and have paid these transportation costs out of my own personal funds to help advance the cause of Colorado State athletics. On a number of occasions, the appropriate travel documentation for trips I personally funded was not submitted to the university. The University incurred no economic consequences from these oversights. That said, I am taking the steps necessary to ensure that all university travel procedures will be followed for all future travel, whether paid by me personally or otherwise."