A theater group called El Teatro features students from roughly a dozen different countries. The students share stories of survival and of acceptance.

"It's really nice to help someone see a vision they couldn't see on their own," said Abdimalik Hashi, a student and performer in El Teatro.

The vision comes to students who watch the performance. The El Teatro group travels around Weld County schools and features performances written by the El Teatro students themselves.

"They've just had so many life experiences that I think, we can't even imagine," said Jessica Cooney, who runs El Teatro and is a teacher with Greeley-Evans School District 6.

"They've watched many of their family members being murdered, they've survived war, some of our students have been child soldiers. A lot of the times rape and violence is something the young girls have experienced," Cooney added.

And yet they have the courage to share their stories through theater. They share tories about their parents running for their lives because of war and of how babies were thrown as people fled villages. They are stories of survival.

"I'm a daughter of a single mother with five children, and I come from a family that's been separated because of war, and half my family's stuck in refugee camps," Channi Abdulkadir said.

El Teatro has been performing for years and is run out of Greeley West and Greeley Central High Schools.