Economists say shopping has slowed down since black Friday and one of the ways stores can meet their numbers is by offering better deals.

Al Lewis, columnist for the Dow Jones Newswires, says retail sales nationwide have increased. But he says the numbers aren't where they need to be.

"So far sales are up 2.2 percent over last year. That's an improvement. But, they were forecasting 3.3 percent and they really want to get there. You're already seeing 20 percent off, two-for-one - the 50 percent off, but we might be looking at the 70 percent off pretty soon. That's one of the way retailers can try and get their numbers up," Lewis said.

Lewis says Superstorm Sandy and the unemployment numbers are what has likely contributed to the reason people haven't been shopping as much.

For more on Al Lewis' take, watch the video above.

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