The Christmas Tree Project started in Colorado Springs in 2010 after David Fein and his wife wanted to spread Christmas cheer by giving away a tree. Fein says they received over 20 requests for it and wanted to meet demand. So, they told their friends, and the story was quickly picked up by a local newspaper. Soon thereafter, more than 300 trees had been donated by people in the community. Thus, the Christmas Tree Project was born.

"Our goal is to give a fully-decorated tree - it's not just the tree," Fein said. "People are so blown away - so moved - we get lots of tears and hugs."

The project is fueled 100 percent by donations and volunteers, and has spread to five different states.

In Denver, Frank Elliott at Tree Land Christmas Trees is donating 25 trees this week to families in need. Elliott says he's donating the trees in honor of his father, who passed away this year. Elliott says his father started the business in 1965, and gave away free trees every year to people down on their luck.

To learn more about hot to donate to the Christmas Tree Project, or to request a tree, visit