Lauren Rodgers sent 9NEWS a newstip after she says two people stole her purse and immediately started spending thousands of dollars at numerous stores including a King Soopers.

The manager showed Rodgers surveillance video of the suspects as they bought gift cards using her credit cards.

Lauren Rodgers lives about 10 minutes away from the store at Chatfield and Wadsworth. She says she went to bed Sunday night having forgotten to close the garage door to her home open and leaving her purse inside her unlocked car.

The thieves seized that opportunity, got her purse, and didn't waste any time spending money. While Rodgers was canceling her credit cards Monday morning, the charges were still rolling in at King Soopers, Walgreen, Safeway and a shoe store.

Rodgers says the thieves hit up at least 10 stores in five hours.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's office says she is not alone. Around 70 percent of home burglaries in JeffCo are the result of a homeowner leaving their garage open.

This time of year is notorious for thieves looking for a crime of opportunity. The Sheriff's Office reminds everyone to shut and lock all the doors and windows to their home.

Video shows the woman is about 5-feet 7-inches with narrow features, and blond hair pulled back in a pony tail.

The man has short hair, a thin build, and is approximately 5-feet 8-inches to 6-feet tall.