Commander Paul Pazen with the Denver Police Department spoke to 9NEWS regarding common mistakes people make during the holidays that put them at risk for burglaries.

According to's survey nearly 60 percent don't follow common safety precautions to protect their home from theft, this includes not telling a neighbor they are out of town, leaving a house key in a nearby hiding place while away, and letting mail and newspapers pile up.

Another terrible mistake made by homeowners could lead to a fire. Nextdoor's survey found that 84 percent of Americans decorate their homes. Yet the survey found that nearly 50 percent of Americans engaged in decorating habits that increase home fire danger, this includes connecting multiple extension cords, letting their tree dry out and leaving candles unattended. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), approximately 390 home fires and 21 deaths are caused by either a Christmas tree, holiday lights, or other decorative lighting each year.

Below are some safety tips for residents during the holiday season:
Ask a trusted neighbor to tend the yard, shovel the snow, and watch your home
- Mail and newspaper deliveries should be stopped or arrangements for a neighbor/friend to pick them up should be made
- The motion detector or other alarm system (if you have one) should be activated
- Don't broadcast over social media that you are away
- Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you leave

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