"There are people who are deciding whether they can make their last payment for their Christmas presents on layaway or if they're going to pay their electricity bill," volunteer Sandra Elkin said.

Elkind created a Facebook account over the weekend telling people about her plan. Within 72 hours time, more than a hundred people agreed to help out.

The group decided to work their magic at the K-Mart by way of a Holiday Flash Mob. Anyone who was willing to donate money was asked to stop by and drop off a donation.

"We figure the people who are paying off and working with layaway are working towards something so we might as well give them a step up and say 'this payment is on us," Elkind said.

After spending two hours outside of the K-Mart, the group collected more than $1,300. They were able to pay off layaway bills for 16 families, including a family who was about to cancel their gifts.

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