It's causing people in places like Cawker City, Kansas; Cedar Falls, Iowa; and Wisconsin Dell, Wisconsin to prepare for what could be a white Christmas.

"A lot of people in Iowa like a white Christmas. We just didn't have enough snow last year," Kris Boettger, owner of Barn Happy in Cedar Falls, Iowa, said. "We love [blizzards], at least the first few, and then we're over it."

Sarah Hudzinski is the marketing director for the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau.

"We actually have a blizzard warning here. They're expecting wind gusts up to 50 mph starting probably tomorrow morning and the snow starting tonight. We are actually going to have what they call thundersnow," she told 9News via phone.

"We didn't get a lot of snow last year," Carol Weeks, the city clerk for Cawker City, Kansas, said. "If the snow comes down nice and lays on the ground for us that would be the best thing for us."

Does she expect that?

"Usually when we get snow we get 30 mph wind with it so it always ends up in some big pile some place," she said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, I-70 east of Denver remains closed due mostly to blowing snow on the interstate.