All seven of them slept in one small room for about a year.

The family never expected they'd be going to bed on Christmas night in a much bigger, and better, place.

Christmas morning is a time of celebration.

This is one Christmas that will be hard to beat.

"As far as I knew we were just going to breakfast," said Amber Rivera.

Rivera, 30, began this Christmas just like any other day as she got her 6 kids, ages 2 to 12, dressed and ready to go.

They all shared a single room at The House of Hope in Englewood.

"It's been pretty hard," Rivera said.

The hard times began about a year ago.

"The economy just started crashing and everybody just got laid off all at the same time," Rivera said.

Within months the Rivera's found themselves homeless.

"We've been in and out of shelters. We've been in and out of motels," Rivera said.

Three weeks ago, Amber met some folks from M-4 Roofing and Gutters, who she thought were taking her out for a Christmas breakfast.

"When we walked in the door and Kim from M-4 roofing was like this is your new house, I almost cried this morning," Rivera said,

Amber and her six kids were living in a shelter.

Seven people were squeezed in one 10-by-11 foot room less than half the size of their new home's master bedroom.

About 15 people spent the weekend stocking up Rivera's new house.

Furniture, food, appliances, even a closet full of clothing and a Christmas tree full of presents.

"It's amazing. And now it's all mine. It's been a long time since I've been able to say I'm gonna go home," Rivera said.

A new set of house keys, a newfound sense of stability.

Rivera says the search will now begin for a new job.

"My kids get to sleep in a bed tonight that isn't with all the other kids," Rivera said.

A Christmas that began in a homeless shelter, is ending in a home.

"It actually makes it a lot easier to know where I'm going to be tomorrow," Rivera said.