Winter storm warnings are causing flight delays from Minneapolis to New York as a strong winter storm moves east.

In Minneapolis, airport travelers were moving along at a fairly good pace, but there are cancellations and gate holds to contend with there.

In Chicago, the scene is much the same, as the hustle and bustle of post holiday travel backs up security lines.

From the Pacific Northwest to Southern California, travel delays aren't quite as bad. But for those heading east, it's a different story.

In Dallas, weather woes continue.

Hundreds of holiday travelers remain stranded, one day after the snow and ice storm forced more than 400 delays or cancellations.

Crews are working to de-ice planes in below freezing temperatures.

More than a thousand people had to sleep in the airport overnight.

Travelers say they are challenged by the conditions.

"I was concerned about that when I booked this flight but I'm hoping a lot of people are staying for a few extra days and that I'm going to miss all that but with the weather and all, I'm kind of worried about that," traveler Diane Mathis said.