At the Acorn gas station in Silverthorne, Jessica Baumann and her staff are watching as a steady stream of traffic rolls in.

"It is good business," Baumann said. "We get really busy and it didn't really get busy until this month."

Skiers and snowboarders are driving to the Colorado Rockies for the holidays. Ski resorts reported anywhere from 50 to 70 inches of powder-white snow on their peaks in the first three weeks of December.

Despite all the excitement, some officials are still leery.

At the Eisenhower Johnson tunnels, tunnel supervisor Michael Salamon says all the snow has the traffic volume climbing rapidly in two days after Christmas.

"Certainly, the snow we have been getting brings more people up from the Front Range," Salamon said.

Typically, on a busy summer day, 50,000 cars will drive through the tunnel. On Dec. 26, they saw 41,000 cars and trucks. In the 10 days until the new year, they expect traffic to be well over the norm.

"Throughout this holiday, we will probably see 40,000 vehicles per day on our busy days," Salamon said.

CDOT says they expect a really big day for traffic on eastbound Interstate 70 on Jan. 6 - the Sunday after the New Year's holiday. On that day, the weather looks pretty good, but another wild card that will influence the traffic is the NFL playoff picture.

The Denver Broncos have that week off, so drivers can expect more people to ski that weekend. The following weekend, when the Broncos play, traffic should be lighter.

Despite the unknown playoff situation, Baumann is excited about the rush of customers coming through her store so far.

"We get busy, and then it looks like a stampede [ran] through the store," Baumann said.

She's just glad to see the extra business.

"The main things [we sell] are washer fluid, coffee [and] hot chocolate," Baumann said.

Another potential traffic problem could be the continuous-flow metering which will start in January. CDOT has not released an exact date, but they say Sunday, Jan. 21 is a time they would likely bring it out.

CDOT has tested the metering and have fine-tuned the timing of lights that let the cars pass. They say it's working well.