Smartphone Skincare

Fujitsu has come up with a system that uses a smartphone to analyze the condition of your skin. They're marketing this technology to cosmetics companies. All you do is put a color reference chart alongside your face, then take a few snapshots.

The software analyzes your blemishes and pores, and rates your skin condition to help guide you to the right products.

This is still in the developmental stage but could be available later this year.

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio has a couple of new audio options for 2013.
The SongBook is described as the ultimate travel radio. Designers say this radio is designed to make you feel happy by just looking at it and holding it.

The minimalist front-face design -- a round, metal mesh coveringa 2.5-inch driver, and several rubberized button and knobs are the only elements in view. Five presets, two tuning buttons, a rotary volume control, a function knob (OFF/AM/FM/AUX), and buttons for the alarm, sleep, time set, and back light functions are all clearly laid out.

The radio's LCD (with an on-demand blue back light) sits directly above the speaker.

Tivoli also has thePAL Portable Audio Laboratory AM/FM Radio.The rechargeable battery pack has 16 hours of cordless playback and an Automatic Frequency Control tuner which locks on to stations for best reception.

Thecase looks like it belongs in a mad scientist's laboratory,and is definitelyretro in style.The PAL does more than just look cool. When paired with an MP3 player such asan iPod or with a laptop, thePAL musters Tivoli quality sound from a single-speaker unit. Find out more on their

Baby Bottle Swaddle

Newmom Becky Ditchfield showed off this item. The Baby Bottle Swaddle isa "koozie" for your baby bottle. It keeps your baby's beverage at the desired temperature for a longer time.
It also offers protection if the bottle gets dropped, and can be customized. We showed off the Broncos edition. Learn more by

Bacon Jam

Speaking of Broncos, how about livening up that next United In Orange Broncos get-together with some Bacon Jam?
The jam comes from a local entrepreneur in Castle Rock who is Colorado Proud; Kay of Kay's Kitchen. The ingredients include bacon, onion, garlic, honey, maple syrup, coffee and spices. Kay makes cookies, soups, and roasted Rosemary Chipotle nuts too.
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