During that same time a year ago there were just 32 hospitalizations. Respiratory illness and gastrointestinal problems are also spreading quickly throughout the region.

With all the germs around, it can be hard to stay healthy, especially at work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some tips to keep you from getting sick.

Start by washing your hands. Experts says to wash them frequently, especially after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose.
Cleaning your workspace is also important. Wipe down everything, including your phone, keyboard and mouse. You should also avoiding sharing things like pens, computers or desks with coworkers.

Finally, if you are sick, stay home. Health officials say it's better to stay home than risk spreading the sickness around the office. You should also consider a flu shot. Even though we are in flu season, you can still get one through your doctor or at a variety of drug and grocery stores.