Banana Studio, based in Madrid, Spain created an ostrich pillow designed for that rare moment of down time in the office. It completely covers a person's eyes and has holes for the head, mouth and hands.

Whether firefighters, students, doctors or those who spend a lot of time in airports, the pillow aims to offer busy people a comfortable way to disconnect and catch a few zs.

"We spend more and more time working in front of the computer, traveling and the more time we spend working and traveling, the less time we have to sleep and there is an interesting piece of information that says that, when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, we used to sleep a average of ten hours but now we sleep an average of seven to six hours depending which part of the world we are in so the idea is to be able to spread your sleep, " said pillow co-designer Ali Ganjavian.

The pillow is available online at It costs $30 and is available in a variety of colors.