Kendra Rae Balentine is facing charges of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Police accuse her of striking and killing 16-year-old Jason Grimmer with her car as he ran from a fight Monday night in Longmont.

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Balentine was arrested at a Longmont gas station Thursday morning after police followed up on a tip made by someone who saw the story on a local media outlet.

Stephanie Balentine, Kendra's mother, says her daughter was not anywhere near Main Street at 10 p.m., when the incident occurred. She says the two were at a New Year's Eve church potluck for more than four hours.

Cell phone video taken by Stephanie Balentine during the church event appears to show Kendra at the potluck.She says other people at the event can back up her story.

Corey Seulean, pastor of the church, says that Kendra Balentine was at the church from 9 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. playing games with family and other churchgoers.

But police say Kendra Balentine was at the scene of the fight on Main Street on New Year's Eve, though she wasn't directly involved.

"We received a tip from a news follower that gave us the name of the hit-and-run driver. They also described the vehicle," Longmont police Commander Jeff Satur said.

Police were looking for a gray car.

"My daughter does have a gray car," Stephanie Balentine said. "She has a Cavalier."

But, Kendra's mother says the car was at church with her daughter.

"She's not a killer," Stephanie said. "She was not even there."

The timeline - Stephanie says - will set her daughter free.

Kendra's car does have damage, but her mother says the damage stems from a parking lot crash weeks before.