Their Discovery Garden is decked out with 20,000 twinkling LED lights and glowing sculptures made of 95 percent recycled steel.

"We are using the steel as a really great way to keep it out of the landfill and make it into something beautiful," Leandra Lipson from the Butterfly Pavilion said. "Our mission is to conserve threatened habitats around the world, and the more environmentally conscious we can be, the better."

If the outdoor temperatures are too cold for your taste, come indoors to the Wings of the Tropics rain forest. Expect more lighted sculptures and more than 1600 butterflies flying freely around you.

Make your way to the Crawl-a-See-Em exhibit where you can see the true "Living Lights" exhibit. Look at live glowing scorpions under UV lights and pet the Pavilion Ambassador, not a butterfly, but a tarantula named Rosy.

"People already love butterflies, and they are pretty scared of tarantulas. So if we are able to change that fear into something we love, then we are able to open the door to educate people about how harmless they are," Amber Partridge the entomologist manager said.

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