Using a costume made of cardboard and seat fabric that he details in the beginning of the video, Rahat camouflaged himself in his car so that it appeared empty as he drove up to collect his food.

In a video of how the prank played out, one worker's shocked reaction pretty much speaks for everyone who witnessed the stunt.

"What the heck is going on?'' she says as she backs away from the window.

"Am I trippin' son?'' another incredulous female worker holding a bag of food says when seeing the empty car.

Her social media instincts then kick in after she summons a co-worker to take a picture of the car with his cell phone.

"Instagram that joint,'' she says.

The invisible driver clip has gotten nearly 300,000 views on YouTube, and is the 19th in his "drive thru" prank series.

Previously, he fooled drive-thru workers with other optical illusions, including a floating cup and a flaming dollar.