Theresa Hoover, AJ's mom says there have been plenty of days where she cried, days where she didn't want to get out of bed, but then there are the days when her spirits were lifted simply by thinking about her son.

"I'll see something and I'll laugh and then I'll see something and then I'll cry. It's getting better. But, AJ was just funny, he was always doing something," Hoover said.

AJ was the guy who was there for everyone, especially for his grandparents. His mother says it was his grandparents who helped to raise him. She says there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for them. Whenever his grandparents needed something, AJ was always there.

" There's a flower garden up in front and the back half of the house. Those are AJ's, he helped me put them in. He did the back splash in our kitchen," Bill Hoover, AJ's grandfather, said.

Even though six months have gone by since AJ's death, the family say the emotions are still raw. It's still difficult for them to move forward and heal. As time goes on things get a little better, but it's still difficult every time they allow themselves to think about AJ's absence.

"Just can't tell you, it breaks my heart. He meant so much to us," AJ's Grandma Sue said.

But the beauty of having a strong family is they help one another get through the tough times and the Hoover's say they would have never been able to make it this far without the support of each other.