9Wants to Know obtained 11 documents showing attorneys representing victims have notified the state they may sue.

One victim, whose spinal cord was injured, indicated he may sue CU for $50,000,000.

A married couple, who were not in the actual theater, but who witnessed the chaos outside the complex indicated they may sue for emotional distress and mental anguish because police pulled guns on them as they were leaving the scene.

Some of the tort claims mention Dr. Lynne Fenton, who was the suspect's psychiatrist before the July 20th shooting. The claims blame Fenton while accusing her of knowing how dangerous the suspect was but not doing enough to prevent the massacre.

CU responded to the tort claims with the following statement:

We understand that there is pain and frustration among the families' of the deceased and victims of this terrible crime and we have great sympathy for them. However, we believe the cases are not well founded and the facts will speak for themselves as the legal process moves forward. We fully recognize that these notices are simply preserving an individual's right to file a lawsuit at a later time should they choose to do so.

9NEWS reported earlier this week the first lawsuit against CU filed in Federal has been filed by the widow of a victim.

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