Almost as many luxury cruisers have dropped anchor here, as there are moored off France's Cote d'Azur.
The smallest of these yachts can set you back hundreds of thousand of dollars, the bigger ones cost millions.

Every type of vessel is here from motor boats to speed boats and even inflatable ribs, or dinghies. Here boats and glamour go hand in hand.

The UK's leisure super yacht and small commercial marine industry is worth nearly three billion pounds ($4.6 billion (USD), and last year the value fell by over two per cent as the world recession continued to take its toll.

The British Marine Federation's CEO Howard Pridding says the international jet set have kept the luxury market strong, but in Europe sales are getting harder.

"The home market is tough, this has been a long recession, it's gone much longer than we'd all anticipated, but the home market is still consistent, people are grinding out sales in the UK market and of course boat shows are a barometer,"says Pridding.

Outside in the dock is the London Boat Show's most expensive vessel. This is the Sunseeker 115 sports yacht. It's over a hundred feet long and it sleeps ten people in comfort, in addition to the crew.

It has all the mod cons, leather upholstery and giant televisions that at the touch of a remote controlled button seem to appear from nowhere. There's also a table set for fine dining.

This sort of luxury will set you back £9.2 million ($14.5 million USD), but it's by no means the most expensive boat the company makes.

Sunseeker makes 155 foot yachts which cost millions more.
The super yacht industry in Britain is worth more than£440 million ($700 million USD), despite taking a hit from the recession. Sunseeker's managing director Stewart McIntyre says emerging nations are providing firms like his with new markets.

"We've seen significant growth in 2012 in Brazil and we're seeing countries like Angola, Nigeria, other places begin to have their nationals buying boats," according to McIntyre."They may not be keeping them in their domestic country but they are buying boats and keeping them in the Mediterranean."

McIntyre insists the company is set to increase its sales revenue considerably. "We see it very strongly, we've increased staff numbers, we're increasing output, we've increased the speed at which we build some of these boats and the tack time of our lines and we're seeing and showing growth for 2013 and 2014 and in fact the advance order we have for 2014 is as good as it's ever been."

It's not surprising these yachts are associated with glitz, glamour and champagne, but outside on the dock, just by the most expensive boat, there's strong market too, for second hand boats. But you don't have to be in a boat to enjoy messing about on the water.

A jet pack called the JetLev-Flyer has been turning heads at the show. The JetLev-Flyer is new to the UK and much of Europe, but the company is convinced it's going to be immensely popular.
Buyers must all complete a week long safety and operating instruction course before they're allowed to take delivery from the manufacturers.

Costs vary according to whether you pack is glass, or carbon fibre, but the cheapest will set you back over£30,000 ($48,000 USD). Sales and marketing director Gary Miller admits it's mainly for people who want to be James Bond.

"It's very much James Bond, but I think that's the attraction because I think most kids today, in fact most men today want to be James Bond, so part of my brief is to get it into the next James bond film," according to Miller.