Travel Channel's Edge Of America was put together by journalist Jeff Edgers.

Edgers took the ultimate road trip to find some of the strangest festivals, events and bits of Americana.

He talked about Oklahoma's Rattlesnake Derby, the Frozen Dead Guy Festival in Nederland, Colo. and various other interesting things around the U.S.

"In our second episode, you're going to see this bike jousting in Oregon," Edgers said. "You're going to see me participate in the international tree climbing competition. It's really everything from extreme feeling sports ... to going to Pennsylvania during the Celtic Classic and taking part in the haggis eating competition."

Edgers says they shot an episode in Colorado, but he didn't want to give it all a way. He said he did ski down a mountain with a Norse god and climbed an ice wall. But as for the top weirdest experience, Edgers has trouble choosing.

"I would say there are some that are scarier to do - like tackling an alligator in Florida, that's on my level of scary - and there's some that are unbelievable fun - like the Pig and Ford Race in Oregon. You grab a live pig, you run across, you start up a Model T, crank it up, you get in the Model T with the live pig and race around the track. And they've been doing this ... since 1925."

Edgers chops up these really weird events to making your own fun.

"People are really inventive and creative, and they like to have fun," Edgers said.

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