The Boulder County District Attorney issued arrest warrants for officers Samuel Carter and Brent Curnow on Friday. Both men are facing three felony charges including tampering with evidence and forgery.

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Some of the evidence in a police affidavit includes text messages sent between the two men about killing the elk hours before it even happened. Fellow officers even told investigators that they heard Carter talking about his plan to kill the animal.

The entire incident happened in the Mapleton Hill neighborhood on New Year's Day. Neighbors say for several months the elk would come around and hang out on different neighbors' yards.

"He was very fond of the ivy along that tree. He would walk up the street and look both ways. There were so many names for the elk. We called him Murry some called him Buster and even Big Boy," Jim Helmer said.

For many neighbors in the community, the elk became more than just a fun pet, he became a friend. The animal would sometimes spend several days visiting neighbors' yards, eating ivy on their trees and crabapples.

"It was nice that Murry would come down here and chose to make this neighborhood his own. We liked having him around," Helmer said.

When Murry was shot and killed neighbors were appalled and horrified.

"I felt violated that two officers would do this and conspire to do this and everyone in the neighborhood was outraged that this happened," Helmer said.

If convicted, both officers could face up to eight years in prison and have to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Many neighbors say they're hoping both men are terminated from the force.