He celebrated Christmas, New Year's and his 4th birthday at Children's Hospital Colorado.

9NEWS first brought you Gavyn's story in August. The little boy is paralyzed from the neck down, after his mom accidentally hit the back of an RTD bus.

Aimee Wilkens told 9NEWS Gavyn learned to partially undo his restraints, and was seriously hurt in the crash.

Gavyn will never walk, and speaking is in question. At this time he's not talking because a breathing device prohibits that. He mouths words and uses his eyes to communicate.

Today Wilkens says Gavyn is doing really well. His halo was taken off yesterday and therapy is going well.

"He's using a communication device that he's flying through the machine. He uses a switch with his chin. He's able to tell us how he feels. He's able to use different colors for different games," Wilkens said.

After 6.5 months in the hospital, the family is ready to go home.

"It's nervous and exciting at the same time," Wilkens said. "Right now we're set to go home in two weeks, which is big. So we're trying to get everything else in order to be able to make that happen. If we wait too long, we could lose all the nursing staff that we have."

As kind as people have been, the family had setbacks in remodeling their Aurora home. One company didn't deliver on their promises. Another contractor had to be fired. A new one recently stepped in and is volunteering his time. Most of the work has been done by volunteers.

"We're moving forward as fast as we can, trying to get home," Wilkens said.

The family has been staying at the hospital because their home is really not livable at this time. They transformed Gavyn's old room and the neighboring bedroom into one big room, with an accessible bathroom.

Right now, the dry wall isn't up, the floors aren't finished and the bathroom is far from done. But, the family has faith that somehow in two weeks all this will be completed.

The family also needs a car to transport Gavyn. So far everything they've found has been unaffordable.

If you're interested in helping Gavyn, log on to to donate or contact the family.