I haven't really counted lately, but I'm guessing I have about 200 plants indoors now. Aside from their beauty, plants help remove pollutants and covert carbon dioxide to oxygen. I have plenty of oxygen.

Many popular houseplants are exceptionally good at cleaning the air in homes. Peace lily, draceanas, spider plant, pothos, philodendrons, ficus tree, citrus trees and corn plant make good companions in the home or office. Seasonal plants add color, cheer us up and purify the air as well.

Winter-blooming plants that are available at garden centers now include azaleas, cinerarias, cyclamen, primroses, begonias, winter jasmine, kaianchoes and mums. Consider arranging a few pots of these bright bloomers with some of your existing house plants. I like to use a long, flat wicker basket and I hide the pots with moss. Your attitude will improve, and so will your breathing.

Plants are courtesy of Tagawa Gardens.