Since that day, victims have worked everyday towards healing emotionally and physically.

On Sunday, Jarell Brooks and his family were at church, like they always are. But this Sunday was different. The family used the day as an opportunity to remember what their son and so many others have been through.

On July 20 Jarell was trying to shield a mother and her two small children from gunfire. While shielding them, Jarell was shot in the leg.

"I thank God that he was not only one of the ones to make it out, but he had the courage to see to it that a young mother and her two children made it out safely," Deidra Brooks, Jarell's mom said.

Jarell says what he did that night was an act of God. He says the Lord was using him for a bigger purpose and believes it wasn't time for him to go.

"God has a purpose for all of us. It might not have been my time to go home - in a sense of heaven," Jarell Brooks said.

During the church service, Deidra talked about remembering those who lost loved ones [and] those who are still mourning and looking for peace.

The Brooks family says the way they were able to get through the last few months was by going to church and keeping faith that God will bring them through their troubles. The family says they will continue to pray for other families who are still in the depths of their grief and that they will find the same solace in their hearts.

"It's our responsibility to say 'yes, I remember and I'm going to pray for them,'" Deidra said.