9NEWS got a look inside at the site, which is part of DIA's South Terminal Redevelopment Program. The area, known to construction workers as "The Hole," will be the future home of a 500-room Westin Hotel and a public-transit center to house the East Rail Line, which will connect the airport to Denver.

Program Manager Stu Williams says the construction project will pass three milestones on its way to completion.

"About a year from now, we have to have the train station ready for RTD to come in and start doing their work," Williams said. "In mid 2015, we'd like to have the hotel open and RTD will begin delivering passengers out here in 2016."

Williams says the program also included reconstructing the west bridges and making them larger - a development he says they plan to complete by this summer.

"What we're shooting for is to have all the westside bridges complete in June, so we can take those detours out and then move to the eastside," Williams said.

The renovations will create nearly 1,000 jobs, including 600 to 700 construction jobs and 200 permanent hotel jobs. Williams says more than 180 firms, about 80 percent which are local businesses, are working on the redevelopment. The remodel is expected to generate about $2 million in annual tax revenues for the City and County of Denver's general fund.

While the airport is still under construction, Williams says it's important for airport visitors to drive cautiously.

"We ask everybody to take it slow, watch the signs," Williams said. "Things have been working very well. People are obeying the signs, so take it slow, and you'll get where you need to be."

An architectural model for the new South Terminal is on display inside DIA at the south end of the Jeppesen Terminal and a design animation is viewable on DIA's YouTube Channel:

Rose Heaphy contributed to this article.