Phiona Mutesi is the first titled female chess player in her county.

She has won several international chess meets and has helped lift her family out of poverty. She first played chess not because she wanted to but because she was hungry and homeless.

Phiona ran into a chess teacher who offered food to anyone who wanted to learn the game. She walked four miles every day to practice with him and other players.

"When I went to the chess program and found coach Robert, and he welcomed me very well and gave me a younger girl who was about five years to teach me, and that day, I was able to get a cup of porridge," Mutesi said. "That is when I started playing chess."

She is the inspiration behind a book by American author Tim Crothers called "The Queen of Katwe."

Disney has also acquired the rights to "The Queen of Katwe" and plans to produce a feature film on it.