According to police and court records, Limas, of Greeley, told Weld County sheriff's deputies on Sept. 14 that he left a loaded gun on a dining room table. He said that his brother, Andre Limas, found the gun and was trying to take it outside to show other children.

The elder Limas told investigators that he struggled with his brother for possession of the firearm when it went off, resulting in Andre's death.

As part of the plea agreement, the district attorney has agreed not to seek a sentence to the Department of Corrections. Limas is scheduled to be sentenced on March 25. The possible penalties could include probation, intensive supervised probation or placement in a community corrections program at the discretion of a judge.

"I believe today's resolution serves the interest of justice while acknowledging the tragic nature of this incident," DA Ken Buck said.


On Sept. 14, 2012, the horrible accident happened. Jordan Limas, 18, left a gun, no one knew he had, on the kitchen counter.

"Jordan told me that someone kept coming by Andre's window at night and scaring him, so he bought a gun to protect Andre. No one knew he had it. He kept it hidden. [After several weeks] he decided he didn't want it anymore," Stevie Limas, Jordan's brother, told 9NEWS in 2012.

"He left it on the kitchen counter, and that's when he heard Andre come inside. Jordan came out as soon as he heard Andre come inside and he already had it in his hands. [Jordan] told Andre, 'don't touch it, don't mess with that, it's not a BB gun' and that's when Jordon went to grab it from Andre, and it happened. Andre was a baby. He took a piece of everyone with him," Stevie said.

Jordan was thinking about coming with his brother for the interview, but changed his mind last minute saying that it would be too hard. Stevie Limas, the oldest of the three boys, says on that day they didn't lose just one family member.

"The day that Andre passed away, I lost Jordan as well because Jordan is never going to be the same. He's not that person he used to be," Stevie said. "Jordan has to live with that the rest of his life and suffer with that the rest of his life."