Denver police, neighbors, and businesses are banding together to take back East Colfax.

A newstip from neighbors got our attention and Denver police confirmed there is a new push to attack a spike in crime on Colfax.

The biggest police presence is on the busiest nights Wednesday through Saturday.

DPD officers at District 6 are working 12 hour shifts patrolling the Colfax corridor.

Charles Cordova rides his bike along East Colfax to get to work.

"Colfax does need to get cleaned up. I feel very unsafe," Cordova said. "I've got to do a full 360 around me and keep aware of my surroundings because I don't know what's going to happen to me."

Cordova has good reason to be nervous.

"There are a lot of people doing violence, selling drugs. There are a lot of people who go up and down this street just really intoxicated. I would like to see a nice good sweep come through here," Cordova said.

Neighbors and business owners asked Denver police to do something about a significant surge in illegal activity along East Colfax.

DPD records show at least 20 violent crimes in the last 5 months, just in a two block area.

Police say that's unusual, even in this neighborhood, which for years has had a reputation for crime.

District 6 Commander Tony Lopez says the top 4 crimes on East Colfax are drugs, theft, assault, and public nuisance complaints.

"We're out there chasing bad guys and trying to take care of the many challenges that we see. We have been increasing patrols. Foot patrols, bike patrols, and undercover operations," Lopez said.

Lopez says neighboring businesses are partnering with police to report crime.

"We've called them in and there was a quick response and they took care of it," Slice Works owner Lou Scileppi said.

Scileppi says his business is busiest after dark.

"I want my clients and customers to feel safe when they come here to grab a slice of pizza or sit down. At least now there's a lot more cars and police officers in the area and they seem to patrol the area a lot more," Scileppi said.

Those extra patrols are paying off.

Denver police report 20 felony arrests and 16 misdemeanor arrests since January 1.

Cordova says he just wants to feel safe on the street he calls home.

"I would like to see it better. Don't go by Colfax," Cordova said.

Denver police say the root of many of the problems here on Colfax is drugs.

A team of narcotics detectives are tackling street level drug crime.

Their goal is to send the users to rehab and the dealers to prison.

Police say if you come here at night, use common sense.

Don't walk home alone and if you've had too much to drink, call a cab.